Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Put a price on my soul

192. Ida Maria - "Oh My God" (Nesna Records, 2007)

This song is a 2007 song in Norway, I guess, and in at least one sense it was a 2008 song for me, but it seems to be hitting hardest (what with the GG ads and such) here in 2009, hard enough for me that I'm putting it in this very scientific list. It's now a song that I look forward to yelling the words to with my friends. It's now a wonderful, wonderful hit, at least as far as I'm concerned.

The notion of "timelessness" when it comes to music, at least in the way that it is usually used, is completely fucked. It's fucked in that songs always have a context, whether you know it or not. I'm sorry if you think that the Beatles are somehow less a product of the 60s than the Spice Girls are of the 90s (and that this somehow makes them better). There's no objective reason why that's true. No songs are timeless or without context. However, they do have a special ability to have an infinite amount of times and contexts, to gather and wear them like a coat of a billion threads, most invisible to all but one person.

So "Oh My God", like many of the songs here, is special to me in the way that it is special to other people and, indeed, special to me because of the way it is special to other people. But, it is also special to me in this very second in a different way than it is to anyone else, and in a different way than it was a second ago.

There's your wide-eyed, wordy YMD theorizing for the week. Enjoy this quite excellent song which I'd imagine you're already quite aware of.

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Sarah from the Internet said...

That is just sex in song, right there. Look forward to screaming it too...HARD.