Friday, March 13, 2009

Get your 2008 movie on

Yo! Some of my very favorite movies of last year came out on DVD this week, so if you didn't listen to either my constant hounding in person or my year-end bullshit on this blog and see them already, get thee to your local Netflixery!

The leader of the pack is my total fav Rachel Getting Married, which is full of wonderful performances and genuine emotion and I encourage you to watch as soon as possible. Synecdoche, NY, Charlie Kaufman's twisty-as-usual ensemble awesomeness makes its way to DVD as well, def repeated viewings on this one. Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky comes out as well, so if you hadn't seen it you can now be retro-outraged at Sally Hawkins' Oscar snub. Milk is out too, though I feel like most of my friends seen that one. If you haven't, yr a good long way behind and should do so immediately (or after you view the preceding 3 flicks). Last but not least (okay, maybe least in this paragraph, but still pretty great) is Transporter 3, lest you need a Statham fix to hold you over til April 17th.

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