Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My back is achin'....

209. Truth Hurts - "Addictive" (Aftermath, 2002)

I'm about to turn 25. I feel totally comfortable making fun of what a loser I was when I was 13. I wore a backwards hat for two years (only taking it off at the behest of my poor father at family functions) and bought the Hanson CD. I'm fine mocking the fact that for several later teenage years, I thought that Sublime and Blink 182 would always be two of my favorite bands. But it seems weird making fun of your 18 year old self, because although it was almost seven years ago, I was...18, a legal adult. But let's be serious, I was an idiot. Although my taste for stoner rock and "underground" hip-hop (Jedi Mind Tricks 4-LYFE!) was waning, to say the least, I pretended to like these bands more than the ones I was listening to on my bright red Sony Discman. I grew up listening to the B-52's, but considered them waaay to childish and frankly bizarre to like openly, I loved listening to Top 40 pop tunes, but thought if I admitted to it, I'd be shunned by my more "alternative" friends (who as it turned out either also shared my secret, or sucked) and I began to like harsher rap, but of course played it off as more of a joke.

I'm not saying I'm the bees knees now or anything, but I'll proudly own up to buying the last Britney record.

I loved this song since the first five seconds of the first time I heard it. Yes, the stolen Indian hook isn't the most original idea you've ever heard, but it worked on me then and it still does it for me seven years later. It took me a couple of years and some awesome folks I met at college (including your loveable coeditor, and the people that run this fucking awesome newspaper), but I proudly present to anyone that has never heard its greatness "Addictive":

"Just me and you high off sex I'm twisted/You OG'd and you OD addicted." BRILL.

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