Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and Davy Crockett runs around and says it's cool for cats

193. Squeeze - "Squabs on Forty Fab" (b-side to "Labelled With Love", A&M Records, 1981)

The thought of medleys conjures up (for me, at least) images of cabaret performers and variety acts and such, but to be honest those are completely received images, as only the gods know if I've ever seen such a cabaret performer. While my Squeeze collection isn't super-extensive, this wonderful medley of hits is probably the track of theirs I listen to most, and it's kind of a shame more bands don't do this for b-sides, EPs, internet mailing list bonuses, or what have you, never mind live shows. Let's bring the medley back (if it ever was) in vogue, friends! Tell your favorite band that we'll love them more, not less, if they squeeze (ha!) a bunch of their songs together once in a while.

(This might stand somewhat in opposition to my long held belief that DJs nowadays [kids nowadays, grumble, grumble] don't play enough of each song, but whatever, it's fun once in a while)

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