Thursday, December 25, 2008

Songs Songs Songs

I heard "Love in the Club" earlier this year and immediately fell in love with it. It became an anthem for my last semester of college. I played and sang along to it at every party. A girl pointed out at a party that you could easily sing my name along to the part where Ursh sings "watchin', watchin', watchin". So it got even better. I know it's an incredibly shallow song, musically. There's one hook repeated over and over and over (a hook lifted from Garage Band, which prolly makes it even better, actually)really . But what a hook it is. This song to me is all-out ecstasy. There were lots of songs I loved this year, I could easily stretch this list out to 100, but "Love in the Club" made me happiest the most. Here's a list, along with a somewhat terribly tagged but still very useful imeem playlist. Have a really great Christmas, folk.

Maciej's 60 Bestest Songs of 2008. Let's Do a Power Hour.

1. Usher - "Love in the Club"
2. Young Jeezy - "Put On (ft. Kanye West) (Album Version)"
3. Cassie - "Official Girl"
4. Dop - "I'm Just a Man"
5. Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown - "No Air"
6. the Juan Maclean - "Happy House"
7. Rubies - "Room Without a Key (Version by Studio)"
8. The Bug - "Poison Dart (ft. Warrior Queen)"
9. Aeroplane - "Whispers (ft. Kathy Diamond)"
10. Paleface and Kyla - "Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz remix)"
11. The Mole - "Baby, You're the One"
12. Erykah Badu - "the Healer"
13. Hercules & Love Affair - "Blind"
14. Wiley - "Wearing My Rolex"
15. Little Boots - "Stuck on Repeat"
16. Los Campesinos! - "...And We Exhale and Roll Our Eyes in Unison"
17. Ryan Leslie - "Addiction (Remix ft. Cassie and Fabolous)"
18. Ida Maria - "Oh My God"
19. Solange - "I Decided"
20. T.I. - "Live Your Life (ft. Rihanna)"
21. Lil Wayne - "A Milli"
22. Of Montreal - "Nonpareil of Favor"
23. Beyonce - "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)"
24. Portishead - "Machine Gun"
25. Ricardo Villalobos - "Enfants (Chants)"
26. Ponytail - "Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)"
27. El Guincho - "Kalise"
28. Kelley Polar - "Roseband"
29. Britney Spears - "Mannequin"
30. Music Go Music - "Light of Love"
31. Keri Hilson - "Energy"
32. Paul Frick - "Knock On Wood, Babe (ft. Matthias Engler)"
33. the Mountain Goats - "Heretic Pride"
34. Bun B - "You're Everything (ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8-Ball, and MJG)"
35. Crazy Cousinz - "Bongo Jam"
36. Hot Chip - "Ready For the Floor"
37. Len Faki - "Death by House"
38. The Whitest Boy Alive - "Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)"
39. Dave Aju - "Crazy Place"
40. the Magnetic Fields - "Too Drunk to Dream"
41. Poni Hoax - "Antibodies"
42. Deerhunter - "Never Stops"
43. Lindstrom - "Where You Go I Go Too"
44. DJ Koze - "Zouzou"
45. Ne-yo - "Mad"
46. the Hold Steady - "Slapped Actress"
47. T-Pain - "Chopped and Skrewed (ft. Ludacris)"
48. Prosumer and Murat Tepeli - "Makes Me Wanna Dance"
49. John Legend - "Green Light (ft. Andre 3000)"
50. Wire - "One of Us"
51. Osunlade - "My Reflection (Deetron Remix ft. Divine Essence)"
52. Ayumi Hamasaki - "Part of Me (Carl Craig Remix instrumental)"
53. Vivian Girls - "Where Do You Run To"
54. Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane - "Bahia (Mucho Lungo)"
55. DJ Mujava - "Township Funk"
56. Jennifer Hudson - "Spotlight (Quentin Harris Dark Collage Club Mix)
57. Religious Knives - "The Streets"
58. Mathias Kaden - "Perclue"
59. Hood Headlinaz - "Rollin' (ft. Jackie Chain & Jhi-Ali)"
60. Son of Raw - "A Black Man in Space"

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