Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Up to 11: It's March!

It's a new month somehow, and I'm gonna go put up 11 new songs on the sidebar to your right for your listening pleasure. New hotness. Real Talk. (If you want one last sweet listen [or several] to the Winter edition of Up to 11, it's right here)

- We start off with my favorite jam from the Juan Maclean's long-awaited the Future Will Come LP, out on DFA next month. The album is super fun and bookended by his two awesome singles from last year, but the (non-"Happy House") highlight is "One Day", which is an awesome, poppy boy-girl house song that explodes into an awesome euphoric climax in the last of its four minutes. The only thing wrong with it is that the climax doesn't last like 4 more minutes. Gimme remixes.

- Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back and messing around with all kinds of new wave electronic textures, which I kind of thought was a bad idea. But what do I know, cuz while I don't love this as much as their rawk debut, it's eons better than the last one so far. I give you the lead single, "Zero", which just goes off into the stratosphere.

- Three rap songs in a row next, with some nice surprises. Ya boy Souljaboytellem first, and this ain't gonna start no dance craze. It's some ultra-minimal grime-y shit with the kid spitting fast and out of breath. Fun. Then the highlight of Weezy's Hottest Nigga Under the Sun mixtape, the Pharell duet "Yes". Pharell's Weezy impression is suspect, but the beat is absolute fire, I think, def one of my best things Pharell's done in a long time. Finally, Cam'ron is back with, of all things, an ode to the Midwest. The beat is by RI's AraabMuzik and is some real widescreen yet grimy shit. Cam still got nonsense charisma, this is heat.

- Back to Brooklyn for These Are Powers and "Little Birds", a booming ride through what I can only assume is some kind of Guillermo Del Toro filmed carnival. I have to remember to bring this CD back next time I go to Chicago, I wanna hear it in the car with the bass up.

- The lone R&B song this week is already a huge hit, but I've been playing it so much I might as well. Of course, it's the Ron Howard approved "Blame It", from Jamie Foxx and T-Pain. I haven't really thrown/been to a big party since I started jamming this, but I'm sure it will be glorious.

- Some dance music towards the end. Still catching up to 2008 of course, here with Matias Aguayo's "Walter Neff" on Kompakt, fun, sexy pop-techno as the Chilean tends to offer. Super catchy non-verbal vocal hook at 2:15. I'm always in favor of that. Then some new New York house, courtesy of Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles. It comes from Midtown 120 Blues, a house album that takes great care to explicitly place itself in a specific historical context and explore what that means, through the music but also through spoken word bits and titles, such as "House Music is Controllable Desire You Can Own". Then some Italo by way of sometimes disco, sometimes prog group Zombi. This is definitely their disco side, and it's as hard hitting, dramatic, and expansive as you'd expect form a disco outfit who love Dario Argento soundtrackers Goblin as much as Zombi do.

- We close with a track that you simply must hear. Even if "deep house" isn't exactly a phrase that makes you teem with anticipation, this is definitely going to be one of the truly special tracks of 2009. It's "Rushing to Paradise" by House of House and it's absolutely epic, over-the-top, maximalist, and spectacular. It's about six minutes of deep, piano-laced build until a sweet break down and a peak (complete with vocals) that should have the kids going crazy. Must hear out.

Thoughts? Ideas? What new shit are yall pumping in March?(/commentbait)

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