Monday, March 23, 2009

Tombstone Piledriver

194. Jim Johnston - "Rest in Peace" (from the RAW Greatest Hits The Music album, WWE Music Group/Columbia, 2007)

So the homie Gage is throwing a Wrestlemania party that I'm pretty amped for in a few weeks, and as I was watching Smackdown in preparation I realized how monstrously huge and awesome the Undertaker's current theme song is. Jim Johnston has been responsible a lot of the wonderful, iconic entrance themes in the WWF/E over the years, but he really outdoes himself here. The Undertaker, who for a while there was a deranged biker, is back to being a dead man again, and I'll be damned if this music isn't the perfect intro for an epic battle of good vs. evil. Obviously, the Undertaker (listen to that ghoulish melody!) is evil, though that doesn't mean you shouldn't cheer for him.

1 comment:

Alex said...

the undertaker must be old as fuck these days.

wikipedia just told me he's 44.

is that even safe?