Monday, March 2, 2009


I don't watch The City for realism, alright? I know when shit's fake. It's scripted, they have reshoots all the time, and none of it looks real in the slightest. I's real pretty, and I do love my some Whitney Port, but it makes The Hills look like an Edward Hopper painting (get it? Realism? Nevermind). But I'm confused...was this week's episode an actual admission that this show is just a savory bite of pop fiction, and not based at all on real life?

On tonight's episode Whitney (yaaaay) is upset because Olivia (booooo) takes credit for picking out Jessica Alba's Diane von Furstenberg outfit for the March 2009 cover of Elle. Whitney, because she is spineless albeit very leggy, does not confront Olivia about this, but quietly weeps into her hands at a release party. This is the the source of her troubles (thanks, iPhone!):

But when the episode ended, my friend Sarah reached beside her, and pulled out this:

Now, I was able to find this cover on the interwebs, but I cannot find an explanation for why it was changed, and why there are no DVF clothes within the magazine. Was this made just for the purposes of the show? Or maybe the Whitney/Olivia controversy was so powerful, so mind blowing, so devastating to the international fashion community, that Elle decided to switch covers.

We may never know.


Anonymous said...

There are two different covers for Elle -- one for the newsstand and one for subscribers. The subscription version actually did feature the DVF outfit.

Worthington said...

subscription cover - sitting on my coffee table

Maciej said...

Mystery solved. Thankya folk.