Friday, March 6, 2009

Yes More Spring!

Spring is on the way, oh yes. And in honor of rebirth I recorded a mix this morning, the first time I've mixed anything since last spring, pretty much. It's kind of all over the place and the rust might show in a few spots, but I think it's pretty fun. It's just over an hour. Download and enjoy on your iPods, computers, and car stereos. To be played loud with the bass up!

Yes More Spring! Mix (Mediafire link):
Rufus Wainright - "Tiergarten (Supermayer Remix)" (Polydor, 2007)
Gui Boratto - "Take My Breath Away" (Kompakt, 2009)
Salvatore Freda & Volta - "Bombolone" (liebe*detail, 2008)
The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) - "Beautiful" (NPG, 1994)
Geeneus and DJ Zinc - "Emotions (ft. Nikki)" (Rinse, 2008)
Sis - "Nesrib" (Cécille Records, 2008)
The Juan Maclean - "One Day" (DFA, 2009)
Green Velvet - "Shake and Pop" (Relief Records, 2006)
the Mole - "Baby You're the One" (Wagon Repair, 2008)
Son of Raw - "A Black Man in Space" (Objektivity, 2007)
Henrik Schwarz / Âme / Dixon - "D.P.O.M.B. (Version 2)" (Innervisions, 2008)


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