Monday, March 16, 2009

And you kissed me once and then you kissed me some more.

198. The Mountain Goats - "My Favorite Things" (unreleased)

Idolator let us know today that it is John Darnielle's birthday, and as I was going to nerd out hard by posting a not-even-released Mountain Goats song to this countdown at some point, why not today. I heard the Mountain Goats play this the first time I saw them in May of '05, and up until I came into a few more bootlegs of it a few months ago, I thought it was called "John Coltrane". It's funny, yeah, but it also paints such a happy, exciting picture that it transcends any "funny song" tag even John himself might place on it (insert something about how "funny" doesn't necessarily mean "just funny" anyways that I'm sure I've written before). To really nerd out on it, here are a few versions: the clearest one I have (from 2002 in San Fran) and my favorite in terms of John's singing (from Chicago in, I think, 1997). Plus there's a YouTube from this year which gives me some hope that we might get John to play this when we see the MGs at the end of this month.

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