Monday, March 30, 2009

Like a gorilla, he's a real killer

189. Ricki Wilde - "I Am an Astronaut" (UK Records, 1972)

I was thinking that I've already written about this song somewhere, but a quick Google search reveals that if I have, it was only in Fluxblog comments almost 4 years ago, so I'll definitely do it here again. Anyways, yeah, it's sung by an 11 year old, and is really a perfectly wonderful, ordinary, and cute lyric about a child's imagination. For a long time it was just a figment of imagination for me, as I heard it first on late night syndicated radio while driving home in Chicago, and took about a year to find it on Soulseek. I'm obviously quite happy that I've been able to listen to it any time I want in these past five years, but I have to admit I do hold some boneheaded nostalgia for that year during which it just floated there in the ether of my memory (boneheaded because, thank the lord, once I found the song it was every bit as good as I had remembered it).

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