Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"She looks dead, like she vomited blue and then she died."

Is it obvious yet that I don't know what I'm talking about? Though both of the ladies in last place in my power rankings have gone home the following week, I've no clue what's going on with the rest of the field. This week was especially confusing, because while Mr. J's running commentary during the shoot usually jives exactly with what the judges say (as if this was all predetermined somehow, hmmm), they seemed to grow minds of their own this week. London and Celia's pictures got dissed by the judges after glowing Mr. J reviews, while Teyona got dissed by him and finished second. Whatevsies, GO ANTM!

Ranking This Week (Ranking Last Week). Model Name (rankings in the last 4 episodes), bold for bottom 2, italics for winner of the reward challenge), [average ranking overall]

1 (1). Teyona - (1, 8, 2, 2) [3.2]
Ol' wind-tunnel face might've gotten exposed for her lack of aptitude at smiling today, but no one else has been so consistently on top. Even with Mr. J's slight reproaches, the way the judges talked about her makes me think she's still in the money.

2 (7). Fo - (11, 4, 8, 1) [5.2]
I know this is a steep climb and it's prolly just my hopes and dreams, but I think this is it, guys. I think now that they've finally recognized how dope she is, the sky's the limit. She smiled with her eyes without Tyra having to tell her to! DOPE

3 (5). Tahlia - (7, 3, 1, 3) [4.8]
Well, she's doing pretty well, huh? Buoyed by her performance last week, Tahlia did great again this week. The judges love her. Cool.

4 (3). Celia - (2, 5, 7, 8) [5.4]
So here's the thing. I know. Tyra hates her. But if they didn't kick her out right away for being a meanie last week, I don't know how long they can hold it over her head considering how great her pictures are.

5 (2). Allison - (3, 10, 3, 5) [4.4]
Gigantic doll eyes please learn to do something else besides just have gigantic doll eyes. Love, Maciej.

6 (4). Natalie - (4, 9, 4, 6) [6.2]
She's beautiful, she does great in all the mini-challenges, and she finally got a little shut down on her picture this week, but they've already done the token "girl who's just pretty and not a model" elimination so I still have faith here.

7 (8). Aminat - (10, 2, 6, 4) [6.2]
I have to admit that she's kind of good now, huh? That's the thing with doing power rankings for this though, the shitty people get eliminated and at this point everyone left is more or less decent. Still not too impressed with Aminat's chances at winning this, but whatevs. Nigel did pull out the best nonsense crit of the season so far, saying of her photo, "This is the modern take on green." Bravo.

8 (6). London - (5, 7, 5, 7) [5.6]
Quoth Paulina: "She looks dead, like she vomited blue and then she died." Love her.

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