Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

It's a new month, and YMD comes through with a new grip of songs for yall to spend the month to. Just hit play to your right and bang your head. On the menu this month:

- Some grilled avocado courtesy of Mr. Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags himself, Young Dro. This beat comes courtesy of 2 Band Geeks, and Dro slays it. He knows how to turn bread into dressing, apparently, which is a trick that only Dro would really brag about.

- Some early summer squash from the soon(ish) to be released LP from Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. The record is as luxurious and epic as you'd expect from these balearic/space disco kingpins, and my fav track on it so far is "Skal Vi Prove Naa" (I don't know Norwegian at all, but let's pretend that means "Forest Dance Holiday").

- A blood orange indie salad with chili vinaigrette from Phoenix and Jeremy Jay. The former comes back strong with their new Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix LP, represented here by the fairly huge sounding "1901", and the latter invents the genre of Lone Ranger Disco with the very aptly titled "Gallop".

- Delicious creole soup, via Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann aka Moody's reworking of jazzy crooner Jose James' "Desire" into a beautiful 4am housey groove. This is out now on KDJ's label on the Anotha Black Sunday LP and is absolutely top notch.

- For the fish course, some fresh striped bass (bass) from, and I'm as surprised as you are, the Black Eyed Peas. "Boom Boom Pow" is a monster, and you may as well learn to love it now cuz there's no reason it won't be huge this summer. The beat thumps, the sound design is great, and the raps are perfectly fine. Extra points for Fergie's "I'm so 3008, you're so two thousand and late".

- Some wild game next, as we proceed to dance to Quarion's remix of Christian Vance's "Tiger Snake". The original is a fun, propulsive techno track, but Quarion lightens it up a bit to great effect. This is some shit I really hope to dance to outside this summer. Breezy and bouncy in the right way. We also bring to you, straight out of South Africa, Culoe De Song. Early this morning we repped for his RA Podcast, and now we bring you the b-side to "The Bright Forest", the track that closes that mix. While that A-side is indeed killer, I think I like the drum workout on "African Subway" even better. Kid has a way with percussion.

- Still hungry? Surf'n'turf from the new album by Texas legends UGK, and it's called "Still On the Grind". UKG 4 Life, with the spectre of Pimp C droppin' some of the illest rhymes and beats of his career on it, is one of the records of the year so far. This beat just moves and moves.

- A dessert trio of Keri Hilson ft. Ne-yo and Kanye West to finish off this most delicious of meals. Miss Keri baby's album is finally out, and this is some good shit. Everyone brings their A-game and, as I've tweeted about like 3 times already, Kanye rhymes "OMG" with "woe is me".

- We ease into the night and look forward to tomorrow with Martin Stimming, whose new LP Reflections is a clean but madly interesting journey through dance music. His tracks have hella groove, but they also actually go places, which is nice. The opener, "Sunday Morning", goes along like a sweet tech-house joint for five minutes and then breaks down and builds back up with huge, dramatic strings that both come out of nowhere and work perfectly.

Holler holler holler.

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