Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If we believe in the night we trust

170. Patti Smith Group - "Because the Night" (Arista, 1978)

The last time we had a big old college style dance party, many months ago, the homie Sam threw this on and the room went crazy. I had no clue so many people knew and loved this song, and it was definitely a case in which the communal reaction made me love it a lot more than I did before then. What made me love it even more was that Sam, it turned out, was so drunk that half an hour after ceding DJ duties to me he asked me whether he had DJ'd yet. Needless to say, he was pretty happy the next day to hear how this song went over.

PS, Power Rankings might be a little late this week, as WGN, which is a CW affiliate in Chicago, isn't playing ANTM til 10:30 Central time b/c of the Sox game and I might go out tonite. We'll see tho.

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