Thursday, April 23, 2009


Top Model takes its international trip a few episodes early this year, sending our final six six six girls to sunny Sao Paolo. An episode full of surprises this week, as Fo fights the curse of extra frames and Natalie is somewhat surprisingly (especially after glowing Mr. J praise) dispatched after turning into the Platonic Form of the Ugly American. I knew there would come a point at which Natalie would have to stand out or get thrown out, but I didn't think Aminat would still be here for that. Oh well. They lost a good villain if you ask me, but no worries. 1 and 5 are crystal clear for me here, whereas the middle three are clawing it out. Anwyays, GO!

Ranking This Week (Ranking Last Week). Model Name (rankings in the last 4 episodes), bold for bottom 2, italics for winner of the reward challenge), [average ranking overall]

1 (1). Teyona - (2, 3, 1, 2) [2.75]
When was the last time we had such a consistently great contestant on this show? And she can smile now! Granted, it has been proven that on any given day Teyona can be beaten, but I wouldn't bet against her, no sir, I sure wouldn't.

2 (3). Fo - (1, 4, 2, 3) [4.38]
Okay, so Fo didn't do super well today, but I feel that beating the Extra Frames Curse at this point in the competition is almost a sign. She was so happy to win them, too. As Matty would say, "have you never seen this show before?" She has some Cute Stigma, but she's been doing well enough and still, I think, has enough upside (oh hai NFL Draft), that I'm putting her at two.

3 (5). Allison - (5, 7, 5, 1) [4.38]
Good timing on taking your best pic of the competition there, doll eyes. Two trains of thought on this result, I think. One: she has proven that she can make more than one face and sky's the limit now. The other: great, now she can make exactly two faces. I don't like binaries so I'll put her right in the middle of this list.

4 (2). Celia - (8, 1, 4, 4) [4.50]
Looks like they're gonna continue calling her old, so Celia might have hit her ceiling. Paulina said she ain't photogenic, which is a hell of a thing to say about someone that's made it this far, but it was def true this week.

5 (6). Aminat - (4, 6, 7, 6) [6.25]
"She's the noun, not the verb." - Tyra

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