Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shawty do that again!

168. The-Dream - "Take U Home 2 My Mama" (from the Love vs. Money album, Radio Killa/Def Jam, 2009)

The first 2009 inclusion on our magic 303 is "Take U Home 2 My Mama", at this point an album track from Dreamer's amazing Love vs. Money. Let's just list:

- "Man, I'm trying to get a ten/you better be the shit" = Dream's 2007 song "Shawty is the Shit", the edited version of which was "Shawty is a Ten". The backing vocals even sing "or you better be the shit".

- The imagery of Dream actually running out of the V.I.P., his eyes all buggin out cartoon style is awesome. Also, V.I.P. being seemingly shortened to "V.I.", but then kind of completed by the next word starting with a 'P'. This maybe looks more obvious on paper than in song, but it works for me.

- The backup vocals again: "cuz I'm already gone (cuz I'm already neeeaaww)". Obvi can't do that sound he makes justice.

- Obviously the post-chorus bit (or whatever, there are like 8 bits that could describe). I mean the "titties" line, which for those who haven't clicked the YouTube yet basically goes "her titties like wooo-oooo-ooooh/her booty like wooo-oooo-ooooh," where the second "wooo-oooo-ooooh" sounds slightly different, with some kind of filter. Anyways, it'll prolly be hard to convince you that a line with the word "titties" is a Great Lyric, but it sounds and works soooo well that I've been singing it out loud non stop. Honestly, it relays the feeling of seeing someone really attractive while drunk as well as any lyric before it.

- It's my favorite song on what is, after two months of listening to it, sooo easily my favorite album of the year and shaping up to be one of my favorites of the decade.

- The melody and arrangement is the happiest shit ever.

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