Thursday, December 24, 2009

YMD and Friends Film Bonanza part 4

Our fourth entry comes courtesy of our homeboy Jawn Duffy. Jawn edits video quicker than I edit (aka cut) cucumbers. I need to step my knife game up. I'm completely shocked that the above-pictured Tommy Wiseau classic is not on his list, as he is the one that finally made us sit down and watch it. Nevertheless, here's his list. It's amazing.

10. In Bruges dir. Martin McDonagh (2008)
In Bruges?  Why would I ever need to be In Bruges when I can just watch this movie?  They say Bruges is like a fairytale town, well if it is, then this is one furry-tail I never want to stop wagging!!!

9. Zodiac dir. David Fincher (2007)
Zodiac?  This movie proved to be more of a Zodiac-heart-attack-ack-ack-ack-ack that I never wanted to stop!  Somebody call my doctor - Dr. Suspense, MD!!!

8. Memento dir. Christopher Nolan (2000)
Memento?  More like, "can I have a Memento of your time . . . TO BLOW YOUR MIND?!?!"  I never wanted it to start!!!

7. Grizzly Man dir. Werner Herzog (2005)
Grizzly Man?  They should change the name of this incredible documentary to Don't Mess With the Grizzly, Man!  That's one lesson I was happy to learn in a class I never wanted to end!!!

6. O Brother, Where Art Thou? dir. Joel Coen (2000)
O Brother, Where Art Thou??  More like, O Brother, I'm right here loving this movie!  O yeah!  I was a man of constant joy watching this movie!  Ne'er-ending joy!!!  

5. The Royal Tenenbaums dir. Wes Anderson (2001)
The Royal Tenenbaums?  I was the one who felt like a King watching this family and their wacky misadventures!  The clothes!  The music!  The detail!  This is one monarchy that no one would ever want to overthrow!!!

4. The Dark Knight dir. Christopher Nolan (2008)
The Dark Knight?  I'll tell you what - if the Joker was terrorizing my city, I'd make sure to keep on my Knight Lite when I went to bed!  Lucky for one fictional town, there's a Bat-Man who fights for what is right!  I hope this isn't the end of this promising series!!!

3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy dir. Peter Jackson (2001-2003)
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?  I SHALL NOT PASS . . . the remote to anyone else while I'm watching this saga!  This was one story that I never wanted to end . . . and it still hasn't!!!

2. Children of Men dir. Alfonso Cuarón (2006)
Children of Men?  More like Children of Man-O-Man this movie is intense!  This was a chilling look into the future of a pedophile's worst nightmare!  There's always hope, though!  I really hope humanity doesn't end!!!

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dir. Michel Gondry (2004)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?  More like Internal Awesomeness of the Filmmaking Mind!  A perfect movie all the way around . . . and around, and around, and around!  I never want to erase my relationship with this movie from my memory!!!

Thanks, Jawn. I'll maybe possibly post one more tonight when I get back from dinner. Au revoir.


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Benham said...

this is one list i never wanted to end.