Monday, December 21, 2009

Now I'm a going back on that same train that brought me here before

75. Gram Parsons - "Streets of Baltimore" (from the album GP, Reprise Records, 1973)

Proof that my brain doesn't quite work right sometimes:

As I was on the train to Baltimore to see my beloved Bears get crushed by the Ravens, I was reading Umberto Eco's the Infinity of Lists, a wonderful gift from my secret Santa that has in it, among an amazing wealth of both artistic and literary treasures, a passage from Edgar Allen Poe. So I tweeted, for Sunday was pretty much just a long chain of tweets, "Reading Poe on the way to Baltimore. Is that just asking for it?"

Things I was thinking about as I wrote that:
- Edgar Allen Poe died after being found, wandering and delirious, in the streets of Baltimore
- Whether or not I should throw in a reference to Gram Parsons' version of "Streets of Baltimore"

Things I wasn't at all thinking about as I wrote that:
- The Baltimore Ravens are named after Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven".

I often don't take the long way because it's more scenic or more righteous, I'm just stumbling around (note that I don't mean this at all literally, I'm actually very good with directions).

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