Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Shooting people at the Source Awards is a tradition. It's like shooting people outside of Hot 97!"

As many (all) of you know, I was a little tipsy yestereve, and am feeling the reprocussions of my nefarious actions this morning, tenfold. My strongest recollections of you all come from after making myself food, not so much before. Apologies for anything I said, shouted, or knocked over. I'm going to post a bunch of times today, to distract myself from the fact that I am so hungover. At a cancer hospital.

The most exciting news of the day comes from the Post, who reports this morning that radio host Wendy Williams' husband (Kevin Hunter) conspired to murder her rival, Hot 97 superstar (and Molly B's personal hero) Miss (Tarsha) Jones. This allegation was made in a sexual harassment lawsuit that is being filed by Williams' talent booker (and oft sidekick) Nicole Spence, against Williams and Hunter. Spence (who still works for WBLS and The Wendy Williams Experience - awkward?)also claims that Williams also tried to take out a hit - on her own husband.

That's Wendy Williams...

And that's Miss Jones. Who would totally decapitate Wendy Williams in a brawl.

"The office is run by street gangster tactics," said the filed court documents. Street gangster indeed.

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Maciej said...

I'm just still so happy that I was left with the privilege of pointing out you still had your name tag on.