Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change Your Plans For Saturday

So, friends, I know I'm always like house this and techno that and disco this and dance that, but listen to this one. This Saturday at the always wonderful Studio B is the craziest line-up I've seen in forever, reppin' the Detroit-Chicago-NY dance axis harder than I've ever seen it repped, and sure to promise fun, fun, fun and more fun.

Opening the night will be NYC's own Tim Sweeney, host of East Village Radio's famous Beats in Space, DFA ally, and all around dance expert who I'm sure will bring enough disco jams to make you do the bump at least 20 times before strutting to the bar and having a drink with the 5-10 [people of your preferred gender] you've picked up so far that night.

Now, that in general would guarantee a pretty sweet night, but the two DJs reppin the Midwest raise the status of the party from "should be really fun" to "holy shit what a lineup!" Second up is Juan Atkins, a man that is to Techno what Chuck Berry is to Rock and Roll, what Shikibu or Cervantes or whoever are to the Novel, what the ten shots of White Horse are to losing my wallet. Juan Atkins, along with his friends Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, created the wonderful sound of Techno in Detroit in the early 80s, and he has steady stayed making creative music for over 25 years. With Cybotron and Model 500, Atkins made machines funk like nobody else, and the dancefloor will be full of humans doing the same.

Model 500 - "No UFOs"(mp3) (Mediafire)

Finally, from my hometown of Chicago, we have Green Velvet, who I've never had the opportunity to seen live, but is by all accounts a great fucking time whether he's DJing or doing more of a live show thing (I assume this will be a DJ set, but I'm not certain). Velvet's been holding down Chicago House since the early 90s, combining hard jacking house with one of the more entertaining personalities in dance music. Expect lots of moving and sweating; expect fun.

Here's a vid for a Green Velvet track that I'd imagine you've heard before in some place:

Anyways, for reals, Studio B on Saturday, no better place to be. Post-apocalyptic warehouse Brooklyn hoppin'.

edit: also, Thursday at the new Santos Party House joint down on Lafayette (look at this summer lineup so far!) Vice is throwing a party with free booze and a few bands, including the Vivian Girls, who I had the pleasure of seeing last weekend and who are awesome. RSVP here.

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