Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Don't get murdered over your own song before you ad-lib it"

So, I'll make a proper post about Tha Carter III in a few days when the sales numbers come in (because yes, my dumbass 15 year old self, that is, in this case, quite important), and it's not like anyone can say anything that hasn't already been said on some blog or message board or whatever, but whatever.

Anyways, just a quick post today about Fabolous' verse on "You Ain't Got Nuthin on Me," cuz holy shit where did that come from?! It's like Fab-o has been saving up every awesome idea he has had for like 3 years in waiting for this verse, in which he easily outshines both Juelz and Wayne, who come with pretty solid verses themselves. Is this a one-off, or are we entering an era of Fabolous being awesome? We'll see, I suppose, but goddamn that Xzibit line.

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