Saturday, August 1, 2009

Si Mas Drama

If you take a piss on a flight from Atlanta to Minagua on a Friday night, you´ll probably wind up hitting a Christian Missionary. Typically they´re southern, the women in the group are wearing far too much make up and the men carry themselves with a pretty exaggerated sense of self satisfaction. If they´re really special, the group all dons matching t shirts with sayings like: Ordinary people, Extraordinary purpose. Although I was not wearing a t shirt, I was one of these people. Seeing and joining in with this mass of people all attempting to assist the poor or undertake some other great task forced me to arrive at a rather disturbing thought. Only an unforgivably large amount of hubris could pursuade a group of otherwise rational individuals that a week spent in a third world country could actually make a difference.

Instead of spending $2000 on 14 people to fly somewhere, why not just dole out $28,000 to the organizations that we´re helping?

My first day in Nicaragua was spent at the sewing center that my mother helped to found and saw that she actually was able to make a difference but more importantly, I realized that I will probably get more out of this than anyone who I help.

I am troubled by the fact that I will probably not change anyone´s life in Nicaragua during my stay here. A few orphans might be have someone else to carry them around and I´ll probably help build a few things for the sewing center but really my impact will probably not be that amazing in all actuality. However, if I am able to give back what I gained in my first day in Nicaragua, then my trip will be a success.

I´ll try to keep everyone updated on the blog if I have time, if anyone has any questions, leave a comment.