Monday, August 3, 2009

It just holds me where I wanna be with bonds of tenderness

It's been a hectic few days here at YMD HQ. We had internet problems, we had (have) drinking problems, but somewhere along the way we managed to get the homie Devin posting about his quest for charity and the homie Atticus posting about his quest for a heart attack, so it's all good. Now back to disco.

124. Diana Ross - "Your Love Is So Good For Me (12-inch version)" (Motown, 1977)

I came upon this song while reading the preview (download it here) for Vince Aletti's seemingly essential (but as of yet sadly unattained by me) book The Disco Files 1973-78: New York's Underground, Week By Week and I think I might like it better than any of the singles from Diana's 1980, Chic-produced masterpiece Diana. Instead of Nile and Bernard, this jam is produced by Richard Perry (known for working with Ringo, Babs, and the Manhattan Transfer) and written by Ken Peterson (the internet seemingly has no idea who this is). But it's amazing, I tells ya. The groove is kind of weird, as the bass and guitars are at times so busy that they seem to be completely unaware of each other. But Diana's vocal performance balances yearning and joy so briliantly that it carries this into dancefloor bliss even before that wonderful synth hook rolls through in the bridge.

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