Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 2

After two days of riding around Minagua, playing with orphans, talking some workers in the orphanage about life and microfinance (which all that it´s cracked up to be thanks to 60% interest rates), generally butchering the spanish language, having my shirt peed on, having my pants peed on (in public and precisely in a fashion that made it look like I wet myself), washing my clothes on a washing board, watching cooking classes in the sewing center, avoiding bulls grazing in the outfield while playing pick up baseball with local kids, having my utter hatred of people from Los Angeles reaffirmed, pushing back to urge to yell ¨HITLER!¨and ¨TSUNAMI!¨ when people lectured me about fate, and learning the general level of patience need to maintain one´s sanity in Nicaragua, it looks like I will finally start doing actual work tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, I will be heading inside of the gates of the dump for the first time and then building some shelves and tables for the sewing center (located right outside the gates of dump´s gates). Although I have seen the slums of Managua and met numerous people who reside in the dump, I´m still pretty nervous as I don´t know what to expect.

PS - Sorry as these posts are pretty disjointed as I don't have much time to plan and write them. Also, the spell check isnt working for some reason.

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matt said...

Devin, I think the question on everyone's mind is who or what peed on your shirt?