Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running fingers through my hair

119. Silver Apples - "Lovefingers" (from the self-titled album, Kapp, 1968)

Playing with oscillators in 1968 is impressive and all, but this track from the super-influential Silver Apples wouldn't have been chosen by YMD science if it wasn't also super-fucking great. From the first beats of Danny Green's drums trying to settle into a groove to the two chords to the barely there sub-bass oscillations to the hooky bleeps that arrive in the second verse, this is great fun every time I put it on.

BTW, I've seen the Silver Apples twice since Simeon decided to take it back on the road as a solo project (R.I.P. Danny) and I've come out sweaty and overjoyed both times. Highly recommended, and about as fun as an old man playing with his oscillator could be (which, again, is very, very fun).

(note: this Youtube also includes "Program" from the same album. It's pretty much just as good)

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