Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You tell me I'm wrong/then you better prove you're right

136. Michael & Janet Jackson - "Scream" (Epic, 1995)

This kind of seems more like an event than an actual song but a) so what and b) listening to it again and again in these past few days it is actually a killer song, who knew. I listened to it without watching the video just now, and it struck me that without the video (during which she almost steals the show), Janet's singing isn't nearly as intense as Michael's. Which makes sense, as she didn't have two albums of paranoia behind her at this point (even on "If", it's only her speak-singing in the verses that is kinda scary, the chorus is still more-or-less Janet-style cooing).

That said, she still has my favorite moment in the song, that being the last "you try to cope with every lie they scrutinize" (yeah the lyrics kinda hard to scrutinize at times, lolz) at around 3'46, in which she takes the melody up as should pretty much be expected, but it works 100%. Really this whole super hero team up is astoundingly successful.

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