Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When we first met, girl

131. Michael Jackson - "Remember the Time" (Epic, 1991)

Many writers better than I have written reactions to MJ's death. I've stuck to writing mostly about the songs because, up to this point, this is one of the many moments in my writing life at which I've wanted to make sure to write something really, really good and just ended up writing nothing at all.

But I dunno, kids, even a few weeks after MJ's death and having done a power hour of MJ songs and having written about nothing but his songs here and playing a bunch of songs of his at our party I'm still not particularly over his death in any meaningful way. I guess that's a stupid concept anyway, being "over his death."

But mostly what I want to say is that this is the end of our non-stop MJing. Which doesn't mean that there's no more MJ on the countdown at all, there might be. We're just gonna stop being so exclusive. Holler.

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