Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am here with you

133. Michael Jackson - "You Are Not Alone (Franctified Club Mix)" (Epic, 1995)

The trivia-minded among us know that "You Are Not Alone" was a) written by R. Kelly and b) MJ's last #1 hit in the US. But I had no clue until after MJ's death that it had an absolute stormer of a remix by Frankie Knuckles. He starts it off like a rather typical, fun Frankie house production, and then some familiar strings come on and he fucks with the rhythm a little, and then, bam! it's "You Are Not Alone" and you can't stop singing along and smiling. In my brief experience with it, it's almost impossible to even think about mixing out of it until there's like 30 seconds to go.

(Also, with my genre preferences/biases fully in view, this is like the exact opposite of the million bootleg mixes that clutter Hype Machine these days)

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