Thursday, July 23, 2009

No matter what I say

(Accidentally deleted the old logo, didn't have it on my hd, and had to do this one from (terrible despite seeing it like every day) memory. Sowwy.)

127. the White Stripes - "Offend in Every Way" (from the White Blood Cells album, Sympathy From the Record Industry, 2001)

If I remember correctly (and you know I like to have a good memory for strawmanning), critical consensus on this band is that they get better after this album, which if you ask me (which you implicitly are by clicking on this site) is insane. White Blood Cells has about twice as many great songs as any other White Stripes album, and this might not be the best of them, but it certainly has the title that most appealed to me in high school, and if that's not the best judge of quality I don't know what is.

On a side note, while the White Stripes' back to the 60s equipment gimmick might sound like something that would push my buttons, how could I be mad at these cartoon characters who just wanna rock in their own bassless, hard drumming way? Retro-playfulness way good here.

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