Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm the one that loves you, I'm the one you need

137. the Jackson 5 - "the Love You Save" (Motown, 1970)

Lyrically, the whole song hinges on Michael's first lines after the first chorus. Before them (or without them), the song is about how a girl (or girls) should be chaste, but no! You sneaky Jacksons, you, you don't want girls to save themselves period, you want them to save themselves for you! You shouldn't get with that dude, girl, cuz you'll seem kinda slutty, which totally won't happen if you get with me.

It's not that attractive of a sentiment, you know, but they're kids and, let's be serious, it's the performances and melody that are relevant here, not the lyrics. Song's like helicopter blades of sunshine.

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