Saturday, July 25, 2009

I seen her walk by me, damn near passed out

126. Ying Yang Twins - "Badd (ft. Mike Jones & Mr Collipark)" (TVT Records, 2005)

At the time this was overshadowed by the (clearly amazing) "Wait (the Whisper Song)" but while that (clearly amazing) song does still sound good, this stands up just as well. Collipark just makes a real, honest party beat here and that pan flute is legit one of my favorite hooks in a rap song this decade. And, while Mike and the Twins' criteria for what a badd bitch ain't exactly empowering, I dunno, there's something about this that I can't particularly envision anyone getting upset about it (especially relative to the rest of the YYTs ouvre) (also note that I'm not using my notoriously fun-and-rap loving friends' reactions to form an argument, I's just sayin, people love this shit). Plus, Mike Jones sounds unusually excited here and uses the word "vagina" better than any other rapper ever. Plus D-Roc's (I think that's D-Roc, I'm really bad at telling with them) "I love the way she dance, she look like she fuckin' herself" is just so full of, I dunno, admiration? I mean, he obviously thinks it's hot, but he also sounds genuinely impressed.

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