Thursday, July 16, 2009

Celebrate the body electric

A Rough, Soon to Be Destroyed Schedule for Pitchfork Music Festival 09


1-2pm: Arrive at the park and explore the grounds while maybe hearing a little of the first few bands of the day, which I honestly don't care too much about this year.

2:30pm: Grab a beer and watch Fucked Up shred and generally kick my ass to start off the weekend proper.

3:35pm: Prolly chill in the forest (assuming the layout is the same as last year) and be soothed by the somewhat foresty sounds of Bowerbirds, who I think I saw open for the Mountain Goats once and were pretty good. Mostly though, I'll be waiting for...

4:30pm: Ponytail! There are gonna be unicorns, I can feel it. I've never seen them live, but I'd imagine it's gonna be quite joyous. The sugar rush Boredoms gallop of "Celebrate the Body Electric" was one of my favorite things about last year and I will jump around to it, yes I will.

5:30pm: I will sit somewhere and eat dinner. And I will probably be drinking beer.

6:30pm: With all apologies to Doom, who I still do enjoy, this is all about Lindstrøm. It's gonna be weird seeing him in the daylight prolly, but this is one of the sets I'm most looking forward to easily.

7:30pm: Chill out somewhere, prolly not too close to Matt & Kim honestly. I'll be way too tired for that shit at this point.

8:30pm: If I haven't gone home or to someone else's house to prepare for the night yet, I'll happily catch some of the Black Lips. I'm not sure if any of the big indie bands nowadays bore me as much as the National do, and that's saying a lot.


1:00pm: A bright an early start for the Mae Shi, who have been known to make music that I very much enjoy.

1:45pm: I like Frightened Rabbit ok, I think. Certainly okay enough to see them at a festival if I'm already there. Although the songs on their Myspace don't sound that great right now. We'll see.

2:30pm: Find my friends and sit down for a while. I hope there's Goose Island Beer at this thing again.

3:20pm: Simon Says get the fuck up. Pharaohe Monch, I will definitely see you as I would imagine you throw a pretty hype show.

4:15pm: The Thermals are one of my favorite rock bands and they kill live. So, despite the fact that I can't get into the new record, I'll be at this. Though I'll prolly cut out a little early to see some of DJ/Rupture's global, mashed-up, sub-woofer-rattlin'.

5:30pm: Dinner and beer again.

6:15pm: M83 was real dope the last time I saw him at a festival. This was like four years ago. Will def see this though, because I live in Brooklyn, and it would seem silly to fly to Chicago and then skip something I like to see the Vivian Girls (who I do very much enjoy and are very fun live).

7:25pm: Man have I failed to get into that new Grizzly Bear record, but why not, I'll be around for them.

8:30: With respect to the Very Best, there is no chance I am going to see them. The Flaming Lips are built to close a festival like this.

Did I mention there will also be partying done in Chicago?

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