Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just like Ronnie sang

142. Eddie Money - "Take Me Home Tonight" (Columbia, 1986)

Forreal tho. The first billion times I heard this song I was either not paying attention or shitfaced. Only the last time (and actually only a few mornings after the last time) I belted it out at a party did I understand any of the words besides the title and "be my little baby". And you know wot? They could be complete gibberish and it wouldn't change my enjoyment of this song in the least. The titular lyric is one of the great hard rock/cheese hooks ever (Pecorino Romano hook). And it's very cool that Ronnie Spector sings the "be my little baby" part, yes. And her "oh oh oh oh"s in this song fall squarely, though I'm not sure how early, in the tradition that includes Rihanna/Dream's "eh eh eh"s.

Also, the ladder in the video. Is it there to help construct the set in the show or just so Eddie can leave his sax (somewhat precariously) hanging on it? Or is it there to take me to heaven, just like the chorus of this song? Probably not that last one, as we can see the top of it, but a boy can dream.

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Nic said...

mmm, pecorino romano