Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Results part treeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ayyo we back let's do this let's do this I'm a bit tipsy let's do this.

#. "Episode Title" (total score, number of votes, Enthusiasm Index)
20. "Never Been Marcused" (18 pts, 6 votes, 3.00, 1 #1 vote)
19. "Victor, Victrola" (19 pts, 5 votes, 3.80)
18. "the Magnificent Archibalds" (22 pts, 3 votes, 7.33)
16. "In the Realm of the Basses" (23 pts, 5 votes, 4.60) (tie)
16. "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" (23 pts, 5 votes, 4.60) (tie)
15. "Summer Kind of Wonderful" (27 pts, 5 votes, 5.40)
13. "the Wrath of Con" (28 pts, 6 votes, 4.67)
13. "Bad News Blair" (28 pts, 6 votes, 4.67, 1 #1 vote)
12. "The Wild Brunch" (30 pts, 4 votes, 7.50)
11. "Hi, Society" (33 pts, 8 votes, 4.13)

Wrap your heads around those "Never Been Marcused" stats! Two out of the three titles with commas are done! "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" is dispatched too early you cruel, cruel voters! Two ties omg! If you guys aren't watching Charm School your lives are not complete! Peckinpah reference sooo close to top 10!

Aaaaaand two Blairs, two Little Js, and one Serena left, who gon be the queen? Who's got Yale? Are exclamation points the secret to winning the poll? Might there be blood at the top? Which title won this by 24 fucking points?

Tomorrow we shall know. (or later today depending on time zone).

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