Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Once again a case of your feet in my Nikes

140. A Tribe Called Quest - "Buggin' Out" (from the Low End Thoery album, Jive, 1991)

So I went to Q-tip's party last Friday to flyer, but obviously I ended up listening to a lot of late 80s/early 90s hip-hop over the big Santos Party House system as well. Somebody played this and two obvious things that I haven't thought about in a minute crystallized beautifully. First, some of the best Tribe songs succeed despite Q-tip's rapping. He's okay at times, y'kno, but that first verse here, well, not the best. But, second, this song still bangs real hard because of the unbelievable production, with the single-minded, mind-destroying bassline leading the charge. It just all sounds so good. The ride cymbals that come in at the beginning of Tip's verse? Perfect. The weird echo at the beginning of the chorus? Beautiful. That faint "chik" sound that's there sometimes that I'm still not sure whether it's vocals or something else? Great, mysterious, subtle, odd. Everything here makes sense while not being so obvious as to be uninteresting.

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