Monday, June 8, 2009

Results part too (and a note about methodology)

First the note about methodology, more specifically about enthusiasm. I first saw the Enthusiasm Index on ILM, either in a breakdown of an ILM Poll or of Pazz and Jop results. It's a measure of just how excited the people that voted for a title were, on average, no matter the amount of votes (calculated simply by total score divided by number of votes).

So, there are two easy ways of doing a tiebreaker here, the number of votes, or the Enthusiasm Index. I'm gonna go ahead and reward things that a few people lurved ahead of titles a lot of people liked. YMD likes enthusiasm. Anyways, I'll stop boring you and give you some results. #s 32-21 go!

#. "Episode Title" (total score, number of votes, Enthusiasm Index)

32. "the Dark Knight" (3 pts, 1 vote, 3.00)
30. "It's a Wonderful Lie" (4 pts, 2 votes, 2.00) (tie)
30. "Chuck in Real Life" (4 pts, 2 votes, 2.00) (tie)
29. "School Lies" (4 pts, 1 vote, 4.00)
28. "Desperately Seeking Serena" (5 pts, 1 vote, 5.00)
27. "Bonfire of the Vanity" (6 pts, 2 votes, 3.00)
26. "Seventeen Candles" (7 pts, 1 vote, 7.00)
25. "Woman on the Verge" (9 pts, 3 votes, 3.00)
24. "Gone With the Will" (10 pts, 2 votes, 5.00)
23. "the Age of Dissonance" (11 pts, 4 votes, 2.75)
22. "New Haven Can Wait" (13 pts, 5 votes, 2.60)
21. "All About My Brother" (16 pts, 2 votes, 8.00)

aaaaand that's all ya get this morning. The one-vote wonders are dunn! Both Almodovar references have passed! Even Chuck's name wasn't able to lift a title that is a reference to this fucking thing! And yet still so many questions!

How many more points will Yale get than the city it's located in? How will the Blair titles fair against the younger, more raccoon-eyed Little J titles? How high can Star Trek's box-office success boost "the Wrath of Con"? Who in Christ's name decided to name an episode after an Orson Welles film that isn't even available on DVD in this country and how did it get into the top 20?

These questions and more answered tonight or possibly tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

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