Monday, December 8, 2008

I can see lights, I can feel love, I can see the sun

250. Gui Boratto - "Beautiful Life" (from the Chromophobia LP, Kompakt, 2007)

The homie Jason briefly posted on a little facebook group today about the Lantern, this wonderful little shithole in the Bronx that, you might remember, we used to DJ at on Tuesday nights for a few months in early 2007, and this was definitely the first song that made me think of. "Beautiful Life" holds a special place in my heart not just because of how happy I was when I first heard it, but because how wonderful it felt to play it out when I was a college junior trying my hand at DJing a few parties. I would play it almost every week at the Lantern, or at a Facefuck party (those were they days, I tell ya) and the first few times I played it, someone would without fail ask me the following day what it was.

It got to a point where if I played this song at Fordham there was no way people weren't going to go crazy, and, as arrogant as this might sound, it was the one song with which I was pretty sure that like 90% of the folks there, if they loved that song, it was a love that grew largely through hearing me play it at the Lantern. Thankya Gui.

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