Thursday, December 18, 2008

On booing

(Sorry, don't have Photoshop for the moment so I had to try to do that with Seashell)

You might have heard that the shit sandwich in this photo is doing the invocation at Barry O's inauguration. I'm not here to point out that this is a terrible idea, because honestly WHAT THE FUCK that should seem obvious. Yes on Prop 8 is one stupid, stupid thing, yes on Prop 8 justified with some half-brained freedom of speech bullshit is another. Forreal though, I'm posting for one reason, and that is to beg anyone who reads this and is going to the inauguration (whether you're within a mile of the actual event or not) for one simple thing: BOO the fuck out of this man.

From former Chicago Fire forward Ante Razov to the President of Fordham University, Rev. Father Joseph McShane, I've booed a lot of people, and let me tell you, it feels great, and it really feels like you're making a difference (if this reads like sarcasm, I assure you I mean it from the bottom of my heart). And don't let anyone tell you that an invocation isn't a proper time to boo. It's the best time.

I obvs. still love you, Barry, but seriously, there's reaching out to the right, and then there's bulllshit. Booooo.

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