Monday, May 4, 2009

reppin' for California Wives

(photo from Cali Wives Facebook group by Maria used without permission, cuz, you know, it belongs to Facebook anyways :) )

So the dudes above are Chicago drunkards California Wives. I know three of them (degree of knowledge varies from well enough to say wassup to well enough to hump on a dance floor as a way of saying hi) and was a big fan of Javier and the Bear, the last hard rockin' dynamo they were in. I say this only to let you know that I hold them to an even higher standard than the average asshole rock quartet.

Well, turns out they're still pretty damn good. I was admittedly worried when I heard the dudes once responsible for "Fight You For Your Woman" were in what sounded indie band but any doubts have been allayed and I've been listening to the 4 jams they have up on their myspace quite a bit. "EL84" has really hooky guitar playing and it's definitely one for the spring, flowers blooming, shorts getting brought out, etc..

My favorite, though, is definitely "Fill Things Out", which sounds like it belongs in a montage from a late 80s teen comedy, but in a completely different way than, say, the cunting Bravery sounds like it belongs in a late 80s teen comedy. Awesome songwriting, with enough suburban pathos in the bassline alone to to sustain about ten car rides to house party of the year.

Again, give these boys a visit on the internets and see em live ASAP.

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