Monday, May 18, 2009

Play this music on every route

We've made it past the halfway mark on this countdown which, as with all milestones, is much further than I expected to get. Holler holler holler.

151. Dirt McGirt - "Pop Shit (ft. Pharrell)" (from the The Neptunes Present... Clones comp, Star Trak Entertainment, 2003)

This is easily one of my favorite ODB tracks and it comes from the back end of a Neptunes comp. The beat isn't even particularly special by Neptunes standards, y'kno, but the verses and chorus are so crazy that he could prolly be rapping over late-era N*SYNC JT beatboxing and it would still be fly as hell.

Dirty just goes off here. His flow, delivery, and lyrics all sound as far out as ten years before, maybe even moreso. The lines "Follow dirty, I'm the way out/catch bitches like trout, gettin' drunk off stout" are straight up some of my favorite rhymes anyone has ever spit. The combination of messianic insanity, oddly specific simile, and booze there gets me every time. Dude was absurd on record in the best way possible.

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