Monday, May 18, 2009

Presenting, the Yes More Drama Gossip Girl Episode Titles Poll

Dear friends,

In our esteemed tradition of Gossip Girl fandom and extremely pointless lists, the Yes More Drama blog would like to present (and ask for your help in) our first annual Yes More Drama Gossip Girl Episode Titles Poll, a poll to determine not the best GG episode, but rather the best titled one (so, you see, whether or not you've watched an episode of GG doesn't matter all that much, though if we're friends, odds are ya have). If you have a few seconds to spare during the next few weeks I would ask you to do the following:

- Look over the list at this wiki page (which also lists what the titles reference)
- Arrange a list of the your top 10 favorite episode titles, using whatever criteria you think is suitable (err, except the quality of the episodes themselves, this is about the titles, dammit). Your 1st place title will be assigned 10 points, your 2nd place 9 points, your 3rd place 8 points, etc.
- Send it in to with the phrase "GG Poll" somewhere in the subject line.
- Tell yr friends.

Voting will be open until 11:59pm on Friday, June 5th. We hope to make this a wonderfully trivial experience for everyone.


EDIT: Wrote the wrong email on this the first time around. FIXED

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