Sunday, May 17, 2009

It ain't no trick

152. Hiroko Saki - "W.E.Y.D." (from the Beauty Gives Me a Boner album, self-released, 2007)
153. Hiroko Saki - "Hiroko Saki" (from the Beauty Gives Me a Boner album, self-released, 2007)

Went up to Fordham yesterday to see some of my boys graduate, both at a a masters and undergrad level, so I figured I'd finally write about Hiroko. Besides (arguably) the ones I was in, no band reminds me more of college than Hiroko Saki, that foul-mouthed crew of costumed crusaders that terrorized Fordham's Rose Hill campus for a few years in the middle of this decade.

"W.E.Y.D." like many Hiroko Songs, starts out lyrically in motion ("riding on my horse"), though by the time the lyrics get there it's almost over, and you're already hella sweaty from jumping around to the rhythm bursts of the section right before the verse. The title means "We'll Eat Your Dicks," which I have memories of yelling while being covered in strawberry and/or chocolate syrup.

"Hiroko Saki" starts walking down the street, but it's no less epic. It sounds like it was made to be yelled along to by a mess of drunk people (made for college). The second half of it is a protest against oppression in the form of not being able to party freely on spring weekend. It's ridiculous and perfect.

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