Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing to fear, it's only desire

158. Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro - "Higher and Higher" (from the film Wet Hot American Summer, 2001)

This song is not really funny at all, which is important because why the hell would you need to add any funny to the training/dance montage parody in WHAS and how would you go about making the songs from those montages any more ridiculous? Instead, the song is as uplifting and glorious as the scene requires; heart-pounding disco madness as single-minded as the title suggests. This song used to kill at dance parties in college, and a lot of that is obvi down to the love for the movie, but it wouldn't have done so well if it wasn't also so joyous and awesome.

(song starts at 1:09 of the clip, but you prolly wanna watch Showalter and Meloni beforehand anyways, right?)

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