Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belated Tuesday Kapitalizm

Things you should cop this week? Well, on the music front the winner seems to be the Field's new record, Yesterday and Today. I was absolutely in love with this guy's first album and while this one might not be as spectacularly gorgeous, it makes up for it by expanding the Field's rhythmic pallette quite a bit. It's still far from super-adventurous in that regard, but there's definitely a bit more bounce in his step and he even slows down on a few tracks.

DVD-wise, you should really see My Bloody Valentine 3D and, since it doesn't look like Netflix is shipping 3d glasses, you might have to bite the bullet and cop the DVD, which comes with four pairs of them. The dialogue is eh, the twists aren't very original but, as a whole, MBV3D is a pretty sweet entry into the shlock-horror sweepstakes. Lotsa sharp things going "through" the screen, an incredibly long nude scene, what more could you ask for?

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