Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You get me where I'm going

227. Aaliyah - "Rock the Boat" (Virgin Records America, 2001)

Aaliyah's singing is marvel for us to behold for all eternity. She didn't have Aretha's infinite depth or Mariah's fireworks but who else could get across as much personality singing at the near-whisper with which Aaliyah sings "Rock the Boat". Even without the video and lyrics, I can't imagine a reaction to this song that doesn't involve instant, rhythmic movement, pelvic or otherwise. I always kinda wanted to slow down a set and play this during a dance party put I never did, maybe secretly I did have some fear that people actually fucking (sorry, actually prolly making sweet tender love) on the dance floor (that was often my living room) might not end well.

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Certified Matt said...

YMD, why must you be so psychic? I have had this song on the frontal lobe for the past week. I am pretty sure The-Dream jacked the "Rock the Boat" drums for "Rockin' That Shit." This is not a bad thing. Anyway, if you're going to be in my headspace so flagrantly, maybe we should have a party in there.