Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oscar Death Race pt. 9 (SUPPORT HOS)

Since we (read: Matt) are gon be pretty busy this weekend (well, I guess I'll be pretty busy getting drnk amirite?), we decided to get these supporting categories out of the way right quick via iChat. Here are the juicy results. OSCARDEATHTENNISMATCHGO!

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Taraji P. Henson
- Doubt - Amy Adams
- Doubt - Viola Davis
- Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Penélope Cruz
- The Wrestler - Marisa Tomei

RachelGettingMaciejd: Okay, so we have 4 pretty good performances here, by my count (sorry Taraji), even though only one of them was in a good movie. Who do you think should get the little bald man?
ihavesoooomanymatts: Ew, don't be sorry. I'm going to have to vote my heart on this one, and I'm using boobs to make my decision. Sorry Penelope, Marisa one upped you.
RachelGettingMaciejd: Yeah, tho Penelope was pretty good in that movie you might actually enjoy cuz you liked Match Point (ARGH!) and this was not as bad as that. Also, I confess that I missed a little of what Penelope was saying cuz my bootleg didn't have the subtitles, but I swear, she was gr8. Not as great as Marisa though, so boobs it is.
ihavesoooomanymatts: OK that's settled. Now I think it's a pretty tough call for who will win, I mean really it's anybody's HAHAHA JKLOL, Penelope Cruz, right? I know the Academy likes to mix things up and surprise everybody at least once, but I don't think it's going to be here. Adams and Davis cancel each other out (plus Doubt blows), I haven't spoken to a single human being that didn't hate Henson's character, and The Wrestler is winning Best Actor, and I think stopping there.
RachelGettingMaciejd: I guess if yr so confident then Cruz will have to be YMD's official pick (LOLZ), but despite the vote splitting, I'd think Davis might have a shot here. She does kinda upstage Streep in that one park scene and there's been buzzzz, wotever that is. Let's get on to the snubbery. Wotcha got? (I'll just start typing up my Synecdoche/Rachel steez)
ihavesoooomanymatts: That was some pretty Oscar worthy snot-drippage in that park scene. Ummm, I'm not sure I have any subs in this category. I would like to have seen Beyonce nominated for Cadillac Records, but I didn't see it, I just like Beyonce. Aren't there like 24 actresses in fancy indie darling movies you're about to talk about? I'll let you take this one.
RachelGettingMaciejd: Rosemary Dewitt, who plays the title character in Rachel Getting Married, should have this sown up. fuck the bullshit. Her and Hathaway have more chemistry than Marie Curie and shit, and she does the range of emotions required of her character to a t. Samantha Morton (not to be confused with Samantha Mathis, who it turned out wasn't in this movie) is the best of the Supporting Actresses in Synecdoche, NY. She plays through her house burning down for no reason wonderfully. And Allison Pill in Milk should reeeeealy be in more things (though she was great as a cripple on Criminal Intent as well).
ihavesoooomanymatts: She had great hair in that movie.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

- The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger
- Doubt - Philip Seymour Hoffman
- Milk - Josh Brolin
- Revolutionary Road - Michael Shannon
- Tropic Thunder - Robert Downey Jr.

ihavesoooomanymatts:Onto Supporting Actor which is bound to be far and away the single closet race in Oscar history! We've got a homophobe, a dude in blackface, a pedophile, a lunatic, and some dead guy who I've never heard of before. Who YOU gon give it to Maciej?
RachelGettingMaciejd: This category is actually pretty sweet, huh? Besides PSH in that movie the title of which I can't remember despite its final line. I'm so fucking happy that Downey is nominated for Tropic Thunder, Brolin was good, and I guess we can forgive Shannon forBug now, maybe? (PS see Shotgun Stories folks). Okay, Heath Ledger should and undoubtedly will win this. Who is rightfully pissed that they're not here and PSH is?
ihavesoooomanymatts: Brendan Gleeson for In Bruges, JimMyron Ross for Ballast (WILL NO ONE SEE THIS MOVIE?!), Brad Pitt for Burn After Reading, Jimmy Franco for Milk (or even Pineapple Express if we're going to comedy route) and I'm told Bill Irwin for Rachel's Never Winning Anything.
RachelGettingMaciejd: Listen, it's not like you had the foresight to see Ballast in theaters, dammit. I'll see it when it's on the Netflix. Anyways, yes, Bill Irwin, he's the best. Holds the movie together like glue. And he's a well known clown in real life. Not like Chet from the Real World clown, like person who professionally clowns. Also, Eddie Marsan is wonderfully enraged in Happy-Go-Lucky. And yeah, word to Brad Pitt. I'm starting to like that movie the more I think about it.
RachelGettingMaciejd: See if you can guess who I think should win for Best Actress.

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