Friday, February 27, 2009

Ain't what you want, baby, it's what you need

215. RZA ft. Method Man and Cappadonna - "Wu-Wear: the Garment Renaissance" (Big Beat, 1996)

I was shocked enough, in retrospect, that whoever was putting together the soundtrack for High School High was gracious enough to let RZA stick a 4 minute long advertisement for Wu-Wear on his album, but I had no recollection of the fact that it was also a single and a video. Audacious, is what you call that. This beat is a highlight even in a career as illustrious as RZA's, though, and his super-scientifical bullshit is inspired here. Method Man should sing more hooks, too, this is great. (Full disclosure: I had a black Wu-Wear hoodie that I loved a lot, and still have a navy blue Wu-Wear Shaolin t-shirt).

BONUS: I had this on mixtape in like 7th grade, and am so happy to find it on YouTube: the Wu-Tang St. Ides radio ad. Solid.

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