Friday, February 13, 2009


In between the Grammys (HA! Like they matter) and the Oscars (HA...Ok, I kind of care) is the World Press Photo of the Year award, as I'm sure everyone already knows. Now, I'm not sure how many people outside the world of photography care about this, but it's important, and you should, so pay attention damnit. (Also, I'm not sure how long these copyrightinfringy photos will stay up here, so pay attention soon). And the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year is....Anthony Suau (yaay, applause, applause) for a photo from his series on home foreclosures in Cleaveland.

His whole series took second place in the "Daily Life" category. Congrats to Mr. Suau, who Gawker tells me is looking for a job. Lotss of luck, pal, you photographed the economy, are you really surprised? Although I like this story, part of me thinks it won top prize because it's the only series of photographs about the economy that 1) is good (it is good), and 2) includes someone holding a gun but yet is still about the boring, boring snoozfest sleepersville economy story.

Next up, we have a photo from Greek photographer Yannis Kolesidis, who won second prize for "People in the News" with this subtle but astounding photograph from an anti-government protest in Athens last December:

In sports, although it placed third, my favorite series was Paolo Verzone's story on the Union of European Football Association prez Michael Platini:

My OMGLOLZ moment goes to Roger Cremers' story on visitors to the memorial at Auschwitz-Birkenau winning first prize in the Arts? And Entertainment? Category?

Also: meh.

If I had to pick a favorite out of them, I would say either Pep Bonet's piece on transsexual sex workers in Honduras, or Johan Bävman's series of albinos in Tanzania who, if you didn't already know, are being hunted and killed for parts of their bodies, which some people think have magical properties.

So enjoy this for the next 30 seconds until someone pulls it off the interwebs, and then head over here to see the full gallery of winners.

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