Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oscar Death Race pt. 4 (Making actors look pretty)

Today, two categories that, as usual, include a mix of the Big Oscar Movies and ones not nominated for anything. Clothes and make-up, let's go!

Best Achievement in Costume Design

- Australia - Catherine Martin
- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Jacqueline West
- The Duchess - Michael O'Connor
- Milk - Danny Glicker
- Revolutionary Road - Albert Wolsky

Who should win?: I haven't seen Australia or the Duchess, but from the trailers and stills I've seen, they are both very well dressed films. Some of Keira Knightley's dresses are damn spectacular as they were in last year's sadly only 1/3 good Atonement. Milk is notable for the fact that 70s movies don't normally get nominated for this thing, and it's nice to see that barrier broken. Benny Button, despite not being in my estimation a very good film overall is a gorgeous looking one, and that extends very much to the costuming. Rev Road I don't much care about in this category. I'd be fine with anything but that one winning, really, but I think Benny Butts gets my pick out of these; a movie that should be awarded for how it looks and nothing else.

Who will win?: Despite the fact that Australia's Catherine Martin and Rev Road's Albert Wolsky are the most decorated ones here and the fact that, well, they would give the gays the Costume Award, this one is between the Duchess and Benjamin Button. The former is pure, well done Best Costume bait, as the last two winners (Elizabeth the sequel and Marie Antoinette) have also featured wealthy, pre-1800 women. The latter features the costumes of the better part of a century, and I think its ambition in that might put it over the top despite it's lack of individual showy pieces. While in the last three years this award has gone to films that haven't been nominated for much else (the two mentioned above and Memoirs of a Geisha), in the rest of the decade it hasn't, so I don't think there's much to that as a trend. It'll be really close, but I'm giving this to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Who Got Snubbed?: The Fall, The Fall, The Fall. Nothing subtle about the costumes in this one, but man are they gorgeous, imaginative, and central to the film. I'll also rep for Speed Racer's garish neon reimagining of cartoon outfits. Coincidentally, the two came out on the same day in May.

Achievement in Makeup

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Greg Cannom
- The Dark Knight, The - John Caglione Jr.; Conor O'Sullivan
- Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Mike Elizalde; Thomas Floutz

Who Should Win?: The fact that a movie such as Hellboy is even nominated here makes me so happy that of course I'm going to pick it. Some of the creatures in here are awesome. Dark Knight of course gets mad points for the Joker's make up, which helps St. Ledger deliver that great performance. Benji I'm not sure about, as I really liked the CGI but thought some of the make-up, especially Daisy as an old lady, was kinda eh. At least the Reader didn't get nominated here.

Who Will Win?: Some folks thought Benji might have trouble in this category because of the amount of CGI used, but I think they like it enough to nominate it, they'll like it enough to pick it ahead of Batman and Hellboy. Benji Button to take it.

Who Got Snubbed?: Tropic Thunder for Bobby Downey Jr's face, hair, and eyes. Synecdoche, NY for, among other things, its old person makeup, which is considerably better than that of Benji Button and Winslet Holocaust.

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