Monday, October 5, 2009

I want to screw you

104. Tall Dwarfs - "All My Hollowness to You" (from the "Three Songs" single, 1981)

Roast Chicken Breast with Pan Sauce and Zucchini

Summer's over, but fuck it, I saw some zucchini at my shitty local supermarket and it looked delicious. So I bought some and made it as a side for some chicken.


- 1 chicken breast, bone in, skin on
- a bit of olive oil
- salt and pepper
- 3 tablespoons of butter (trust it)
- half of a decent sized zucchini (though I probably could've eaten a whole one)
- the zest of like half a lemon
- 3 cloves of garlic
- a cup of red wine (-ish, I guess)

Preheat your oven to like 440. Get a chicken breast ready and sprinkle it with salt (kosher or sea, obvi) and black pepper. When you're oven's almost ready, pour some olive oil into an oven-safe skillet and heat it over medium-high. When it's hot, put the breast in skin side down and sear it until the skin starts crisping up. Then transfer it to the oven and cook for 12-16 more minutes, depending on the size of the breast.

While yr chicken's roasting, melt 3 tablespoons of butter in another pan over medium-low heat. Slice up half a large zucchini, thin but not flimsy. Also mince three clothes of garlic. When the butter is melted throw in the garlic, zucchini, and lemon zest and saute until the garlic and zucchini both soften, no more than a few minutes. Turn it down if the garlic starts burning.

When the chicken is done take it out of the pan and put the pan on a burner at medium. Deglaze the pan with some wine and reduce it until it's more of a sauce than a wine. Meanwhile, take the zucchini out of its pan, put it in a bowl, and cover it with some of the garlic. Then, when the wine is reduced, finish it with the leftover butter and garlic from the other pan. Drizzle the sauce over the chicken and EAT THAT SHIT. Ahem.

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